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Adventure Time + decorating Easter eggs = Eggventure Time!

Oh my glob!

The creative folks at created ten adorable Adventure Time egg costumes that anyone can download and print to create their very own Ovo-Candy Kingdom. We love that Finn’s costume includes a tiny Jake hanging out in his breast pocket.

Click here for the free download.

[via That’s Nerdalicious!]


Dark and life-affirming, funny and frightening

Here’s one more Adventure Time press piece leading up to Monday’s half-hour season-six opener. This one, a short write-up by Robert Lloyd, appears in the L.A. Times.

By any standard of inventiveness, intelligence, imagination, ambition, care, fearlessness, boldness, openness, humor, poetry and love I’d care to live my life by, it is as good as anything on television; and better than many more ballyhooed series that only seem superior

Above: Jake the Dog gets to the bottom of the cheesy crackers in “Wake Up,” part one of the sixth season premiere

Thats exactly how I feel about this show. People finally get it.

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